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Sep. 6th, 2008 | 04:58 pm
posted by: the4tr3_phre4k in broadway_shows

I am always looking for some kick ass monologues for auditions. If anyone could help me I would appreciate it a LOT.

Age Range: 15-20 years old
Gender: Male
Type: Nerd (glasses), Small and Skinny
Race: White

The piece shouldn't be narrative or from a well known author (Sam Shepard, Christopher Durang, etc.). The character in the monologue should be talking to a person rather then the audience or inanimate objects. Most of all, the piece should be realistic and should be from an actual play/one-act. Lastly, I can do both comedic and dramatic. I prefer dramatic, but if if it's a really funny piece I won't say no.


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